• Welcome to Product Locator

    Welcome to Product Locator. We have built upon years of product locator expertise to create this new version of our technology. We are able to track more products than ever before, over more online stores. This means that we can help you find the products that you are really interested in - faster and more easily!
  • Top Christmas Toys 2010

    As the nights draw in, the supermarkets fill with nuts and chocolate, it's obvious that Christmas is drawing in.

    Rather than mix in toys and gadgets on this site this Christmas, we've decided to split into two disctinct offerings: this site for gadgets and gizmos, and our new sister site: Toys Of The Year for all of the top christmas toys.

    We are constantly adding new toys to our price check and stock check system, so that we can give details of the latest prices across a wide range of online stores.

    Visit Toys Of The Year now.

Microsoft Kinect and Bundles

We’ve got final links in place for the new Microsoft Kinect, and the two console bundles that come with the Kinect: the 4Gb console and the 250Gb console. We are tracking stock availability across a large number of online stores, with stock details and prices being updated regularly.  On release day, we will change the scheduling to update as frequently as possible to ensure you have the best... [Read more of this post]

Amazon discounts from 75% to 99% off!

Amazon is a huge, huge site nowadays, and is full of amazing bargains… if you know how to find them… Well, we’ve taken the legwork out of it for you and generated a list of links for each of the categories within Amazon, listing products that have 75% to 99% reductions. Good luck with the bargain hunting! Click here for the full list »  Read More →

Nintendo DSi XL Price Comparison

The new big and chunky Nintendo DSi XL is almost with us, with the launch taking place on the 5th March – yes, just a few days away!  Many o fthe retailers are taking orders now for delivery on release date, so have look at our DSi XL prices to see who has the best deal for you.  Read More →

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    If there is a product that you know is in short supply and would like us to start tracking it, then please send us details of what the product is, and any online stores that sell it (when it's in stock of course!)
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    We are always looking for new stores to add to the site, so if you represent an online store, and you want to make sure that you are included, then please let us know!